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Client information:
Village Hotel Club
Brailsford Way,
Tel: 0115 896 5065

Case Study - The Village Hotel

Value: £14,000
Short description: LED Lighting Upgrade of Meeting Rooms

Introduction: Breedon Electrical Services competitively tendered for this £14,000 project to install additional emergency lighting as well as upgrading existing LED lighting at the Village Hotel Club in Nottingham in a bid to reduce its energy use and costs by 70 per cent. Breedon Electrical provided a large scale upgrade of the Village Hotel Club’s lighting systems, focussing mainly on the meeting room areas, to bring the Hotel Club up to date with advanced energy saving LED lighting as well as installing additional emergency lighting. The project, which was completed in May 2016, reduced the hotel’s running costs by reducing the buildings overall energy consumption.

Project Outcomes: Breedon Electrical delivered the desired set of project outcomes to the complete satisfaction of the client. The main challenge was to develop a method of working within an operating hotel, whilst maintaining the safety of every staff member and visitor, as well as working efficiently and having a minimal impact on surrounding users and neighbours. Work started in May 2016 and was completed in the same month, thanks to Breedon’s effective and efficient workforce.

Breedon Electrical provided high quality LED lighting, additional emergency lighting and accurate payback calculations. The Village Hotel Club is now using LED lighting, with all of the lighting products installed provided with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. Breedon Electrical also installed additional emergency lighting as well as upgrading the existing emergency lighting to high quality LED lighting. By carrying out these installations and upgrades, Breedon Electrical has assisted the Village Hotel Club in reducing its energy usage by up to 70 per cent. Breedon Electrical offered the client value for money by including a two-year payback scheme for the hotel.

The lighting project was part of a series of recent improvements at the Village Hotel Club to enhance the meeting rooms and general environment for staff and visitors, as the lighting comes as part of a series of improvements including painting and decorating and new carpets.

Breedon Electrical’s installation of high quality LED lighting is extremely beneficial to every property. Not only does the installation of LED lighting have cost saving benefits, it also introduces advanced LED technology to the meeting rooms, allowing for the dimming of lighting to create different light levels. This will benefit the meeting rooms as lights can now be dimmed to meet the requirements of presentations.

What The Client said: Sarah McNally, general manager at the Village Hotel Club, said: “We have been using Breedon Electrical for quite some time now and we are extremely impressed at their quality of work and attention to detail. We obviously have a very busy hotel so it’s not always possible to close down certain areas for Breedon to undertake their work so they are always mindful of our visitors in the vicinity. When we have undertaken major works, such as the conversion of our conference rooms to LED lighting, their work has always been completely to the utmost of levels and in the timeframes promised by them allowing our business to be back on track very swiftly.”

Technical Information For The Products Used:

Luceco LuxPanel – 600mm x 600mm Edgelit Panel – Cool White 30W:
Breedon Electrical installed this high performance LED panel in dimmable format to provide low glare and even light distribution to the conference rooms at the hotel. The 30W product has an output of 2800 lumens with a life of 50,000 hours. The LuxPanel can be supplied with remote ‘plug and play’ drivers and are also available in standard fixed output and emergency options. The product has no maintenance requirements and no visible frame when installed in the ceiling grid, these high efficiency LuxPanels have the additional benefit of 13% extra visible light when compared with other LED panel luminaires. The client now have a five year warranty on the product and will receive a 70% reduction in its energy consumption.

Luceco Circular Edgelit LuxPanel – Cool White 18W:
Breedon Electrical also installed this high performance LED circular panel to the perimeter of each of the conference rooms, again in dimmable format. The overall project will deliver a payback in two and a half years.

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