LED Lighting

We are all aware of the many benefits for modern LED lighting ranging from energy efficiency and hence lower operating costs through to improved brightness and ambiance for the user.

Breedon has installed many projects for a wide range of clients from warehouse lighting to an upgraded office reception to a several whole school classroom conversion, giving you the confidence that whatever your project entails our company hast vast experience to deliver to you at a competitive price.

Depending on the size of the installation Breedon can provide you with a full cost benefit analysis with payback solutions on varying manufacturers warranty periods. We will always offer to you the best quality products, but also work in partnership with a local East Midlands manufacturer for bespoke large scale solutions.

Whichever product options you choose, you can be rest assured your quotation will be detailed with no surprises, and the project will be delivered by Breedon engineers whom are all DBS verified to allay any safeguarding concerns.

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